The Bionic Woman’s Lindsay Wagner is returning to television in a new recurring role on Syfy’s WAREHOUSE 13 as in-house warehouse doctor Vanessa Calder. While she doesn’t appear to have any bionic parts this time around, Wagner’s new character still manages to turn the head of warehouse keeper Artie Nielsen (played by Saul Rubinek).
“Dr. Calder is being based around what’s happening today and what is generally referred to as the Energy Psychology or the Energy Medicine field,” said Wagner during a conference call with journalists. “It’s working with the energy system directly to heal the physical instead of focusing so much on trying to fix the physical only.”
Dr. Calder is introduced on Tuesday’s episode, “For The Team,” and comes to the warehouse to deal with Artie’s yearly appendix regrowth. Meanwhile, Myka (Joanne Kelly) and Claudia (Allison Scagliotti) head out to investigate mysterious deaths on a wrestling team and end up getting help from H.G. Wells (Jaime Murray).
While the busy Wagner, who balances acting with doing workshops and retreats around the world called Quiet the Mind and Open the Heart, had never seen WAREHOUSE 13, she hit the web and caught up on the series.
“I found it to be just a really fun concept,” she said. “Very creative. And the visuals, the way it’s shot and the chemistry of the actors just really impressed me. It’s really fun. And in its own way, very current and very today. … It felt a lot to me like The Bionic Woman in that, which is what attracted me to want to take the part and do a little cameo, which of course now is kind of turning into somewhat of a recurring Warehouse doctor.