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The Neutron Flow Podcast began in 2009 as a way for three geeks to get together and express their thoughts on science fiction. With the title taken from a famous line by the third Doctor in the popular TV series Doctor Who, the Neutron Flow suddenly stopped producing shows at the beginning of 2011 after only 30 episodes. Sadly the three hosts had important things get in the way and the show simply stopped.

After a long debate with myself I decided it was time to bring back the series and drive it more toward Doctor Who news than anything. With the Doctor Who series now at an all-time high I felt it was time to bring back the Neutron Flow as a Doctor Who podcast, but instead of going to itunes I turned to where the series can be found.

Of course I will still be chatting about other things in the sci fi genre, Doctor Who will be my main focus and I hope along the way I can get the listeners involved and maybe bring in my original co-hosts Charlie and Rob to help me out a bit.

I know there is an opinionated Doctor Who fan base out there. Feel free to voice your thoughts on the show we all love.

Thanks for listening
Charles Millhouse
Aug 2013

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