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Sisterhood of DUNE

A new series was announced by authors Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson. Heading back toward the formation of the Dune universe, Brian and Kevin will start working on their latest creation, THE SISTERHOOD OF DUNE, which will focus on the formation of the Bene Gesserit school.

More titles coming in this series will be announced in the near future….

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  • DUNE Update

    Paramount’s new big screen version is back on track with a new director.

    Last year, director Peter Berg (Hancock) dropped out of the project, but now Paramount has signed up helmer Pierre Morel (Taken) to tackle cinema’s second attempt to translate Frank Herbert’s sprawling space opera into a movie. Paramount is currently looking for a new writer to incorporate Morel’s vision of the project. Morel plans to make a very faithful adaptation of the 1965 book.

    Previously it was made into a 1984 movie with David Lynch as director. Largely regarded as a disaster and plagued with studio interference, it nevertheless fondly regarded by some SF fans as a heroic failure. Ad it does have some very pretty sets. The US Sci Fi Channel also made a number of Dune mini series, sticking closely to the books in the series.

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